Fred Hamelten Tweezer

I am soon having a fashionably late breakfast this well now more afternoon-ish. Then I´m biking again. I think it´s so fun to witness the progress I have experienced lately.

If you want to treat yourself something special this weekend. Why not go for this luxurious tweezer? Launched by the well-renowned Norwegian eyebrow specialist Fred Hamelten. 

Your eyebrows deserves the best care! 

Photography via: Fred Hamelten

Buy it here &  Jan Thomas Studio, Parkveien 31 Oslo, Norway

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6 thoughts on “Fred Hamelten Tweezer

  1. A while back, I used to pluck my eyebrows, then I got tired (not to mention I would end up having a disastrous uneven result) and resorted to a more painful solution, waxing or threading! ha ha. This tweezer looks luxurious. Would have loved to have found this before. 🙂

    • To pluck your own eyebrows surely is hard. Sometimes I make marks as help. It´s hard to get it even on both. Somehow I end up with a shorter one. It is luxurious. Not H&M priced that´s for sure. But the man himself is a genius.

      • I know what you mean about the shorter one. always did that to my right eyebrow – and I would go to the salon to have them sort it out! ha ha.

      • Indeed. Once the tweezer is in your hand, you just pluck, pluck, pluck……until it´s too late to prevent an uneven result 😉 The salon is a great place for great eyebrows. Is it expensive? I´ve never done it before. Mine are usually pretty natural – as Norwegians don´t mind natural ones.

      • Oh, you must be the lucky ones with great shapes and more natural – in my case though, I need to pluck them otherwise it would just get out of hand. Actually no. It’s around £7 and it lasts normally a good 3 weeks as well.

      • Well, mine tend to grow together..so I need to pluck between them 😉 Good price! You are lucky! Any treatment in Norway is expensive. Not that comes as a surprise 😉

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