More from Azerbaijan

Great to see the people who found my blog by searching for Roman Lob. He is an artist that should become great one day! Having been given a song by Jamie Cullum (co-writers: Wayne Hector,Steve Robson) to perform at Eurovision. Yes that surely is a quality artist in the making.

I do miss the Eurovision experience. It was such a fun thing to attend. 

Most of all I just loved the Azeri people! I am probably one of those people who likes to walk around without being disturbed. Much to my great surprise (the Azeris sat down with me…talked with me……for hours) do I miss the exact opposite.

I thought it was nice to get to know strangers & hear what they liked.

I have a few days left in Sweden before heading back to Norway to work. It will be a real treat to earn money again 🙂

On this trip I had put my fashion-lover in the suitcase for sure. No make-up, no hairdryer…yes had a very natural vacation.

This was more like what I´d wanted to wear for such an event. Well, I was comfortable at the very least 😉 That matters since the show ended at 3.30AM.

The fashion-lover needs time off once in a while.

Photography by/via: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


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