If you ever

go to Baku for shopping – Park Bulvar is the place to be. It is a great shopping mall – for me it was like being back in America having a proper food court, cinema & a fun land for the kids.

What I really liked was how close it was to the harbor and Bulvar. The Bulvar is almost like a boardwalk with carousels, cafes and benches. ItĀ“s where Azeri people gather at night to drink, eat and be merry.

I think I spent most of my days there.Ā 


Is back

again. It has been so great to be traveling again! Baku has been amazing. Lovely that I could go just because of the Eurovision Song Contest.

IĀ“ll update with more from Baku! HereĀ“s a little treat to enjoy. All of a sudden Roman Lob was at Hilton, when I was there. He was kind to take time to give me this memory.

Miss the warm weather for sure.

Have a great Thursday!

The German Contestant and I on the roof terrace at Hilton

Photography via: My private album (Copyright)


Traveling soon again

ThereĀ“ll be less frequent updates in the upcoming days. I take to morning flight down to Baku tomorrow. It all depends on the computer availability.

I have still to believe that I am going down there, it feels like a dream. But itĀ“s very cool, and cool indeed to have more sun & new people to talk with.

Most things are now under control, and the travel butterflies are swirling around.Ā 

I wish you all a great weekend when it comes. HereĀ“s a summer greeting from Gothenburg. CanĀ“t believe itĀ“s so hot outside.


Thank you for the nomination

Yesterday I got nominated byĀ theflamboyanteĀ for the bloggerĀ“s sunshine award. Thank you for the honor. ItĀ“s wonderful to get in touch with bloggers in all kinds of ways.

Blogging is much more fun when there are lovely people to chat & to exchange thoughts with.

The rules are that I am going to nominate ten other bloggers in return.

Since you are nominated you might want to know what to do next. Here it goes.

Ā° Include the Awardā€™s logo in a post on your blog
Ā° Answer 10 questions about yourself
Ā° Nominate 10 other bloggers
Ā° Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated
Ā° Share the love and link the person who nominated you

1. My favorite color : Ā This is pretty easy to answer. Blue it is. I have a passion for the ocean & itĀ“s variety of blue.
2. My favorite animal : The Lion. ItĀ“s such a gorgeous animal.
3. My favorite number : I have three numbers – 1, 7 & 11.
4. My favorite drink : Water
5. Facebook or twitter : Depends on the mood. Facebook is great to keep myself updated on the family. Twitter on the celebs.
6. My passion : Ā Traveling. I just love it & chocolate cake.
7. Prefer giving or getting presents : Ā I think itĀ“s great both giving and receiving. You learn something from both. ItĀ“s important to have the ability to appreciate a gift & to share in another persons joy when giving.
8. My favorite pattern: Ā I actually donĀ“t have a favorite pattern.
9. My favorite day of the week : Ā Friday. Mainly because that is the day I lounge with pizza & soda. When I do that I know I have accomplished things during the week, with the notion that I can relax with good conscience.
10. My favorite flower : Ā ItĀ“s not my favorite flower, as I have many. But theĀ lily of the valley is a gorgeous flower. I was always excited when I found one when I was younger.

IĀ“d like to pass on the love to the following wonderful bloggers. ItĀ“s because IĀ“d like to give you a little something of the nice kind in an everyday life. Many of the nominates are people who I personally know, and who are hardworking & dedicated. Since I only had 10 to nominate there are of course other blogs that also fits this description.

I nominate:











It has been fun to get to know all of your blogs & learn that there are people with equal & different interests. I learn so much by reading what others think.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.





Vote for Norway & Tooji

Soon back in Gothenburg. ItĀ“s been wonderful with a few days back home. Glad that itĀ“s only three weeks before I am back in Norway again.

Before the return to Norway I am in three days flying to Azerbaijan to see how it goes with the Norwegian contestant – Tooji, in the Eurovision Song Contest.

He is not only a singer, but a model and an employee in the ChildrenĀ“s Welfare System. Not a bad resume to have. Hopefully heĀ“ll secure a few points. If your country is participating in semifinal 2 on Thursday donĀ“t forget to vote for Tooji šŸ˜‰

I wouldĀ“ve voted of course if I was allowed to do so.

I am really looking forward to enjoy the grand final live in Crystal Hall. ItĀ“s still quite surreal that I am going to be present, but very cool indeed.

I am prepared for lots of sightseeing, music, sun & people.Ā 

Photography via: Rolfie


Home <3

Really enjoys being home at momĀ“s. ThereĀ“s nothing I like more than that. I walked in the forest earlier, played with my niece & nephew, ate strawberries & just relaxed.

ItĀ“s good that I am getting more time with them during the summer when IĀ“m moving back to Norway – at least for the summer.

They give me so much joy and happiness.Ā 

A hug is never just a hug when it involves two of my favorite people.Ā