Is calling it a night

After what turned out to be a very good day. I need my needed beauty sleep to be in good sports tomorrow.

I don´t know if you are like me but I tend to be on the grumpy side whenever I go to bed too late.

I guess tomorrow will work out fine.

Back to my gossip mag, after being a good student today I feel I can enjoy it without feeling guilty.


Reply from: Caroline Berg Eriksen

I wrote a comment on fotballfrue.no to notify Caroline Berg Eriksen about the post I wrote about her.  I didn´t expect such a quick reply.

For you English-speaking people I wrote: You have a wonderful blog Caroline. So wonderful that I wrote something about you. I write in English, and I have readers all the way in Canada.

Keep working in the same way you do. You inspire to follow your own dreams.

She replied: Thank you. I highly appreciate it.

Hug (Klem is a very cosy way to end a message, letter etc in Norway)

I appreciate bloggers that takes time to reply readers. It shows that you care. 


It´s been a wonderful day

Here @ kjandersen. It´s lovely to see the people visiting my site. I always try my best to select the items I present in the most thoughtful manner.

It is sometimes hard to satisfy everyone at once but I try my best.

Fashion is a huge field. It´s not only the runways. It is found on the streets & homes on people. I like to expand my horizons in terms of brands, labels, sizes & price every day.

Fun to discover new gorgeous items that I didn´t know about.

I have just created a contact me page, take a look at it. Also a favorites page, where I have selected a few blogs that deserves attention.





Monday Feature: Caroline Berg Eriksen

This Monday I feature a dedicated Norwegian blogger. Caroline Berg Eriksen or fotballfrue as her “nickname.” She is married to a soccer player and has found success in the world of blogging.

Her blog focuses on fashion, health & interior.

I really found interest in her from an article in a Norwegian magazine. She was so sweet and I got a much better impression of her. 

I picked out a few photographs from her blog – fotballfrue (meaning soccer wife). If you want to check her out click here.  She writes in Norwegian but in these google translating times you´ll figure it out in some way or another.


Color Monday

Inspired by Celebrity Style Guide I also wanted a post about blazers. Colored blazers. Spring is in full bloom and colors are more than welcome.

I picked out a few from Rokit, Next, Topshop & Forever 21. If you want to check them out more thorough just visit any stores website.

There are many gorgeous blazers in different colors, price range and style. It´s up to you to decide which blazer fits you.

I´m going to add all the stores in my links page somewhere in the near future, so it´s convenient for you.