Ed Sheeran & Angel

One tradition that I try to uphold is buying an album on any trip abroad. There´s something truly amazing adding new languages to the music collection. Even an English one.

Still having a rather slim collection, even so, the pick for my now terminated England trip fell on Ed Sheeran. I had not planned on any record-buying this time, but having 10 pounds left on the airport I strolled down to HMV. Was so easy to decide. Ever since I heard “The A-Team” walking in snowy weather from the grocery store in Norway, I have had something for the music.

His voice and lyrics just keeps intriguing me.  For long I didn´t know that I´d get to be so lucky to be at one of his music video locations. I´d watched “The A Team” on YouTube many times. Didn´t really pay attention to it, then I found out that it is Angel Tube Station in it. This weekend lead me to that station, and an area of London I´d never seen before.

Angel is one great part of London. There´s such fine places to dine, shops to see and people who walk by. I miss the atmosphere, the narrow streets, the brick, the cafes. Yes, I miss Angel.

Photography by/via: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


London <3

Back home after a truly amazing retreat to London ❤ Let me tell you I fell in love with the city all over again, like I did when I was 13. What I´d give taking the city home. Because it´s so much to see and a city that never bores me.

Oxford Street is perhaps not the place to be on a Saturday, and even though I was inspired I won´t hide the fact that my feet got tired. That´s why I think it´s correct to say that now back home I can enjoy the inspiration. Changing from cheap & affordable stores to expensive ones I liked that.

Urban Outfitters

London has many stores that Gothenburg lack. London has much that I love. I´m one of those people who is satisfied taking public transportation in foreign countries, and I got that satisfaction covered. Think I´ve taken any tube, train or bus. So it feels like. I just love the busy sound.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Well, I didn´t come home with much. I don´t like to shop under duress. I make better decisions when I have more time. Then it was probably too much people on Oxford Street on a Saturday 😉  My wallet is happy indeed, the more it saves the happier it gets. Perhaps so happy that it will save money for something else.

But I did flash my card once, haha, I´m strange that way. Might be a big saver, but once in a while that saver wants to be somewhere else.

All in all, London passed the test 🙂 And today I´ve enjoyed the tea I bought there, a nice taste of pomegranate.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen




Once in a while I have days where I don´t feel like anything is going in the direction I want to. Today was one of those days. I had prepared spaghetti to eat & by accident I managed to drop the plate on the floor.

I tell you this it decided to fall on the wrong side, so here I was on the floor trying to scrape the good parts onto the plate again. Then scrubbing the floor for leftovers. Not a pretty sight I must say. It´s safe to say that my well not perfectly white circled carpet now is filled with fond memories of the meal.

Guess I learned not to place the plate on the edge next time I eat spaghetti. Unfortunately I didn´t capture the moment. The spaghetti tasted nice even though I think I chewed on some dust 😉

The spaghetti incident just highlights this day of imperfection, a day where I haven´t dressed up. Applied make-up or done anything special at all.

Even so I´d like to think of this day as the picture below (captured on an earlier occasion), that smiling is what helps at this very moment 🙂

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen




Thinking outside the box

When I watched a YouTube clip where a woman displayed five creative ways to use a men´s shirt, I thought why not give it a go. I dug inside a storage box to see what I could find.

Quickly an idea came to mind! I had an apron that I´ve never used. An apron from IKEA. Well, I put it on, added a few finishing touches and voila!

With slight changes or additions this might have been something nice to wear. There is no limit to what you can do! An apron could inspire on more levels than cooking. Oh, I do feel hungry now.

It´s fun to think outside the box once in a while.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Hibernate no more

I don´t know about you but I´m always relieved when I hand in a paper. I had one due today, and I got to the point about an hour ago that it feels done.

Or that I feel I can´t do any better than this. I´ve been in my little writing bubble for a week and it´s so strange to look outside – look to Spring. It´s like the weather progressed with me. I have during the period of writing experienced anything from rain, cold, slushy, icy weather. That´s why it´s like a little miracle that today turned out to be so great. Since I never know what to expect I did the usual thing, winter coat, mittens and a scarf……….sometimes when it´s sunny during winter I wear sunglasses as well.

They came in handy today. It´s like I now can vision sitting in parks instead of inside, taking my books outside…..run outside…yes pretty much getting out of the cave from a long hibernation. Because I´m like that, I do understand why animals hibernate. What else is there to do if Scandinavian activities don´t tempt me to go outside.

But now it´s more of an option. At least I don´t need to worry about American Politics for some time. That´s checked off the list. Now it´s back to normality. Now I don´t have any excuse to not do my chores. But I guess that´s how you learn do appreciate leisure time. 😉 Without chores leisure time would for me be less fun.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


One day at the “office”

Being a student means creating office space wherever you find suited. I have never been such a library-oriented person, just the thought of sitting hours in one makes me stressed.

Instead I work better at cafes or anything equivalent.

So this cafe became my humble office space today. I´ve been there a few times before and it´s such a place of inspiration.

First to start off – shellfish soup – 🙂 Tasted absolutely amazing.

A little peek of the interior. Such interior inspire me, if I ever have the opportunity this is a little guide to how my kitchen is going to be. I have always adored brick, so what´s more appropriate than to have a kitchen with it. A brick heaven with an industrial/homey feel. I´m not a minimalist with that said I don´t need much to be happy 🙂

Working lady —— takes time to find the good sentences to write. Well, well don´t think Shakespeare either wrote “Romeo & Juliet” on just a day 😛 Was pleased that it rained when I walked to the cafe too 😛 Needed to dry my hair in the powder room with a tissue.

No visit without the main course – Dessert 😀 – They have such lovely cakes, I ate four pieces

Concluding that it was a successful day at the “office”

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen