Ordinary Monday´s


I am just about to go the bed now.

Monday always means going back to everyday chores, and I have to say even though I LOVE weekends, that those days makes me appreciate it more. You know you can relax with the best conscience.

The course literature I ordered came in the mail today, that means no slacking or procrastination. Or as I try to motivate myself.

I am  more excited to watch the last semifinal in the Norwegian selection for Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. Always a thing I like to watch.

Well I guess my bed is screaming at me.

After all I do need to be bright and shining to get myself fully focused on the reading part. A section of the day that gives me an opportunity to forget about myself 🙂

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen



On a cold day

I´m just over the moon about spending my winter break in London! Now that I´ve booked a return ticket I´m sure that I´ll have enough days to heat up my credit card.

It´s been a year since my last holiday so I´m extra excited.

I love traveling so much.

Since Gothenburg is cold today, I have been kinda lazy getting out of the house. Anyway perhaps I´ll envision every store that I´ll shop in. That´s much more pleasant.

At the moment I try to save up some money to spend 🙂

Yesterday I treated myself some pizza. I tried to make it more healthy (as my mom constantly emphasizes) having some salad on the side. Must say that it actually tasted better and more interesting.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Twitter update

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Since I have a busier schedule this winter/spring I´ll write weekly updates here on my blog. Gonna tweet more.

Twitter is a social network I never thought I´d like. Was rather hesitant to be frank. After some time I´ve come to love it. There´s so much you can express with 140 characters. When you just want to say something without elaborating it´s perfect.

Still there´s so much to explore there! I am a novice when it comes to understanding the having-a-conversation-part. Well, all in its due time.

Tweeting has become so fun!

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Goals + More

Had the most chill weekend for the most parts in Wisteria Lane. My Best Friend got me totally hooked on the show.  Lynette being my favorite. Always such a clever woman. Laugh every time she is up to no good (always with the best intentions).

Tried to follow a tip I read in Cosmopolitan to turn off any social network, in my case my twitter and Facebook account. Said that you should allow yourself alone time to make good decisions.  Don´t know how quickly I failed to follow that advise.

Even though I think the advise is a great one! A walk in the sun for instance is of course more healthy and refreshing after all 😉

What gives me a smile this week is having crossed one January goal off the list. Every month I´ve decided to write specific goals I shall stretch for. Then evaluate to see if I met them.

That´s my kind of New Year resolutions. The ones that works long-term.

Shopping of course being a natural goal 😉 For some time I haven´t allowed myself that pleasure. Oh, how glad I am!

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen




Weekend + London

It´s way past midnight now but I couldn´t sleep. During the weekend I traveled back to Norway for a wedding.

I had the most wonderful time. I love every second being in Norway. Such a comforting spirit inside.

There´s such a thing as holding a nephew that makes me happy. He has such a gentle and  welcoming laughter. A moment that I just want to last forever.

In February I´ll enjoy the shops in London for the first time since 2004. For sure a long, long time since I was there. I´ll go to Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 and more. Even though shopping is a huge interest of mine do I yearn to soak in the atmosphere again.

London after all became my first ever trip abroad (not counting Denmark & Sweden).

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen




Here we are almost ready to meet another weekend. I´ve been quite busy the past days, and it´s now with my clothes in the washing machine I can sit down.

Indeed I have had time to relax it´s just that school as been taking over my schedule again. Even though I´m known for taking breaks 😉

Between trying to learn something useful (before going to bed) I read a fascinating book. Mainly filled with gorgeous pictures that made me dream away (even before closing my eyes).

Maria Montazami is a well-known figure in Sweden. She moved to California many years ago, and her newly published book invites us to her home.

Let me tell you I have thought about nothing else than lavish decorations, pink, solid furniture & a backyard made for parties.

Photography via: michellesundberg.blogg.se


Such interior makes me want to work hard! Just so that I can accomplish the same. Well, all in its due time.

For now looking is just fine 🙂


The start of something new – 2012 –

Hope Christmas proved itself to become a successful event! I´ve enjoyed lazy (and by that VERY lazy days) on the couch.

By chance I got myself hooked on a reality show I never thought I´d like. And you know I had to watch every episode.

The show was I´m a celebrity get me….out of here. Lovely show. There´s plenty of ordeals you can create with a few beetles, cockroaches, mealworms and more.

Now that I´m back to the everyday chores and assignments I hope 2012 will become a great year.

And I hope it will be a blessed one for you too! I have no clue what 2012 have in store at all, we´ll see where the wind takes me.  That´s how I like it. The less I know the better. 

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen