Oslo in my <3

It´s really been a while since I blogged, mainly because I´ve been piled up with school. And sometimes I don´t feel like writing boring school details here.

You and I both know what school is. Pencils, blackboards, PowerPoint presentations, lectures and more.

The two previous weekends I´ve been traveling to Copenhagen and Oslo.

To Copenhagen to visit my cousin and her family.

To Oslo to visit my mom.

Unfortunately did I take just one photograph in Copenhagen,

but when I visited mom I did take a few more.

A little interior

Frozen tomato soup in need of tender care

The finished result

One morning face before getting ready for a new day, and a Thanksgiving feast

All set

Goodbye, the ride is here

Happily satisfied with another great Thanksgiving meal

Back in Göteborg, but patiently awaiting to go back to Oslo again. There is really no place like home.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen & Ida Røsaker


Trends I like: Stockholm Basement

Just recently bumped into a wonderland of trends and homes.

The interior design I in particular fell head over heels for was the wonderful oasis of a basement

As I´ve lived in a basement for almost one and a half-year I do relate

The basement I feature is from Stockholm

I just loved the details of it

Travel artifacts are basically the things I like the most

The more the merrier

All that I feel would add the finish touch a brick wall

Well I can´t have everything

At least I´d get the feeling being constantly on vacation down south in such surroundings.

Photography courtesy of: Ani Tzenkova

Site: Trendland



A project in the making

Here´s a little sneak peek of the starting phase of my project. As I like to do things thoroughly and as detailed as possible I´ve borrowed historical facts from CIA Factbook.

I´ve used CIA Factbook quite a lot actually previously, as it offers great knowledge about the world.

After I picked out the details that I thought covered the Congo´s history from the colonization by Belgium in 1908 and up till now, I recorded everything I wrote.

Simply because I wanted to get it inside my skin.

It´s actually good to share this

Because it´s not easy watching documentaries and clips taped in refugee camps.

Anyway I do know that there are lots of positive aspects of the Congo.

Those aspects are the things that makes this project rewarding

Mainly because if there are positive aspects

There is hope.

(I know I´ve used photographs in my notes that I don´t have the rights for)


Food: Zucchini and Pasta Dish

Got a new project today at school. The new group I´m working with decided we wanted to write about the Congo, and the UN peacekeeping operations there.

Very glad that we chose something I don´t know much about.

Besides a short trip to Egypt this year I´ve never ever been in Africa.

That´s why I´m very excited to learn more now.

I don´t anticipate it but the last time I focused my attention on the continent,

I just had to go.

A book about the bedouins in the Egyptian Desert last year truly gave me the kick in the butt.

So thank you, Lila Abu-Lughod. You´ve at least accomplished something with me.

Then again I think entering the Congo is a more complicated matter, so I think it will stay with the idea.

Yesterday I ate a pasta and zucchini dish

Today I captured it on “film”

The pasta shaped like safari animals. Even though I´m an adult don´t necessary say that food can´t be fun. Here´s a lion, giraffe and more.  Sprinkled with Udo´s Choice and Soy Sauce. Yummy.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Room details: a bookshelf

Well today the professor cut the lesson short. Had prepared for a two-hour lecture on peace but it ended up lasting one hour. Even though I normally would feel enthusiastic and happy, I do thought that it would´ve been so nice to actually fill two hours.

Peace is after all a very nice topic to learn about, much more welcoming than security and war.

As I can´t afford to buy the course literature at the moment, and the book I needed was missing at the library I´ll try to read something else.

Other than that here´s a few pictures of my room. Literally a bedroom, study room and living room combined.

I´m particularly proud of my bookshelf, here´s a nice blend of modern and old literature. My mom stores the rest of the books I own, the books above are just those I could fit.

The Diary of Anne Frank, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Charles Dickens to mention three on my book shelf.

Other than that the music I collect while travelling always finds a home wherever I live. I intent to expand that collection.

I´ll have to get back to my pasta and zucchini salad now

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Yaya´s Vika – Oslo

I have not been in Norway very much this fall. Actually I´ve only had a week there in total. I do hope that in reasonable time I´ll swing by again. In the beginning of October I went with a friend to a very fun restaurant in Oslo. Yaya´s! The name itself is supposed to say grandma in Thai, but there are debates about that. Anyway I got inspired from another blogger, Linni Meister a famous Norwegian TV-personality, to go there.

As she had posted fun pictures from the place. I therefore invited a very dear friend of mine out on an afternoon in “Thailand.” I don´t want to spoil anything more than that the food was superb and the place too. It was a very pleasant experience. An experience I do want to repeat. I mean Norway is cold for months of the year, at Yaya´s I´ve found a place to keep warm during the winter.

If only someone would open Yaya´s in Göteborg of course. That´s on my wish list.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen (Private Album) 


Happy news!!

To my utter joy did I make a very happy discovery, just after I had come home from grocery shopping on Saturday, I clicked on a link on the stats information page.

I had been featured on the WordPress Fashion tag page.

For me it meant a lot to actually be featured mostly because I´ve never ever been featured.

That´s for sure a dream come true

I´ll do my best to keep working on bringing new interesting details, features, graphic elements and guests here.

Being featured motivates me even more,

so thanks WordPress Fashion tag page

Here´s the evidence, it´s kinda hard to read……

I´ve therefore done a quick zoom for you, look for Saturday dreams by KJAndersen