Way to relax: #1

Pretty much the entire day has been one reading day. 50 pages wiser on feminism and its history, sure that takes the spirit out of me.

If I haven´t decided whether I´m a feminist or not by now I´ve sure not paid attention.

Anyhow today I don´t want to write much about school. I´m pretty much well aware that you all know how that plays out.

Rather I´d like to tell you all about a show I watch, it´s quite the opposite from what I´m studying. When watching I feel relaxed, I feel like I can breathe and let the stress take off.

The Only Way Is Essex is the perfect distraction. I know that it has just begun in Norway, but I´m already way into the third season.

What I do fancy about the show is the unprovocative (even though it market itself in that way) nature, I did think and was almost expecting some kind of Big Brother-tendencies. Glad I was wrong, it´s good to see the ability to make reality shows in nicer manners (I do know it´s scripted).

Talking goes a long way in my world.

The Only Way Is Essex probably won´t contribute solving world problems, let’s be fair.


I do want to keep watching because it offers characters that I´d grown to like. But hey who would not like Arg or Joey Essex? Or the others for that matter.

Essex is now on my travel wish list.

Pictures belongs to itv.com






Food: Yummy in my tummy #1

Discovered GarageBand the previous night. What a fun discovery. I simply didn´t want to go to bed. I recorded a few podcasts both talking and singing.

If my blog had settings that allowed podcasts that would´ve sure been a fun addition. In the meantime before I go all Peyton Sawyer on you, here´s a few pictures in the food category.

As the water in my apartment has been shut off now and then, the landlords gave my roommates and I vouchers. Really a nice gesture and something that I thought was quite the treat.

I do love food, and to try new places that´s something I do welcome and appreciate.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Travel: Berlin <3

One of the pages I´ve “Liked” on Facebook is this one. I´ve travelled to the city a couple of times more or less recently. It´s a city that I by chance have fallen for.

The perfect city for a retreat. On my list of have-to-do-before-leaving, this is basically it.

Well the reason for mentioning Berlin is that I´ve posted some pictures on their Facebook page. What I didn´t expect was people liking them, especially since I´m not really a professional photographer. Anyway it´s really fun to see how other people react to the pictures I take.

Especially since I don´t know any of them. So here are the pictures. Both captured in August last year at Schloss Charlottenburg.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen




Study day: #3 (and a little more)

On school today we had a three-hour long discussion panel about different theories. Liberalism, realism, feminism, critical theory and structuralism.

My group and I covered the last theory. To be short that theory is highly influenced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Lenin was one important figure in developing his mindset using the mentioned  people´s ideological framework.

Think that gives you an idea what structuralism is all about.

Before and after school I took some pictures, just to document everyday life for me. Most days I have in Göteborg are categorized “everyday,” and contains the ordinary structure (in my case: study) – Waking up, get ready, catch the spårvagn, sit in class, go home, read, watch tv, sometimes going for a run and finally get ready for bed.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


Study day: #2

I absolutely love that I have a packed schedule at the moment. In my case I love that the schedule is filled with school.

I love the fact that every topic I have challenges me in different ways. Like today when my group was going to plan a presentation for tomorrow.

Throughout the process I´ve been very frustrated that I´m not fluent in Swedish. We´ve also worked on a paper together. Don´t think  I´ve ever felt like more of an excess material.

Until today, I walked out of the cafe  we sat in with a smile on face. The reason for this transformation is really simple. Because parts of the presentation I wrote in Swedish, and this part is going to be presented by a Swede. Major accomplishment on my part! Something that felt really rewarding after long hours of not being really helpful.

Guess there´s hope for me after all. Perhaps there´s a spot for me in the international scene, what I know is that I do learn something every day.

My basket of knowledge now contains:  The Westphalian System of States, Bretton Woods, International Monetary Fund, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Some Soviet leaders. Margaret Thatcher. Her political “slogan:” There is No Alternative. Ronald Reagan. And of course much more! I should be able to retell the history of the 20th century by now.

The pictures below illustrates well the kind of items I´m buried in at the moment.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


When I´m bored

Since I´ve lived in a basement for many months I do have moments when I need to stretch and do something else. Having just a couple of small windows makes it hard to concentrate on studying for long.

Some days I see little of the sun.

That´s why I play around with the settings on my camera, my personal favorite the timed option.  That often leads to both clear and unclear pictures, anyway why not post them.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen (rights belong to her 😉 )


Study day: #1

Right before going to bed last night I enjoyed the new season of “Two and a Half Men,” despite Ashton Kutcher´s messy private life at the moment, I loved his character.

Walden Schmidt is the perfect substitute for Charlie Harper. But then again I guess I´m far from objective, Ashton Kutcher is (how I´m going to put it) my teenage-fantasy. Ever since “The Butterfly Effect” and “Punk´d” I´ve pretty much lived in Ashton-land (take notice of the humorous tone 😉 )

Over to something else.

Today I have a day off school. Went to the library to borrow a book on the course literature list. Excited to learn more about the history of development. It will be interesting to see if we are as developed as we want to portray. Or if people of ancient times indeed were developed in areas people in the modern times only can dream of.

I for one is very amazed at how technological advanced people were back in the days. The reason for saying this is evident in many building projects (pyramids etc.) that took place.

Either way, I think every decade or century comes with special areas of development.


A few of the topics I learn about

Playing with my Mac while reading

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen (modeling herself)