Yesterday’s dilemma

Pretty much all day yesterday I strolled through the city in the search of a dress. The occasion: my cousin’s wedding this Saturday.

At first I was very positive about finding that dress that I’d imagine myself wearing, because Gothenburg for sure have stores for every occasion.

But as I walked from store to store my positive attitude diminished many percent. All I found were cardigans. I mean Gothenburg have cardigans for the entire body of population.

I, on the other hand had to walk empty-handed home without a dress. I have to add that I actually saw a few but they were white and I don’t think I’d want to pull another Pippa.

I think the Bride should be the center of attention.

On days like yesterday I missed stores like Nordstrom and Forever21. I vote for more dresses in the stores in Gothenburg. I for one don’t think cardigans are appropriate on weddings.


Norway on my mind

Everyone I know in Gothenburg says that they love the city when it is bathing in sun. I fully agree. This is one such day.

On the other hand do I look forward to see family and friends in Norway in just a few short days.  Going home always is the best medicine I think. It cures even the slightest longing of familiar faces until the next trip home.

Going home also reminds me why I continuously return to Gothenburg, surely a day like today explains why.

The other days where I have to fight over and over again with my new-bought umbrella belongs to another tale.

Until then there is nowhere I rather be than in Norway at the moment. To play with my nephew and niece. That’s not a thing I’d want to miss.

A smile or two from each makes any day equivalent of this sunny and glorious day in Gothenburg


Simon Sebag Montefiore delivered

I want to tell you everything about the intimate talk that Simon Sebag Montefiore held on Friday evening.

The venue a very cosy and charming church in downtown Gothenburg. Because it was an Anglican Church I didn’t feel I was in Sweden at all.  In itself something that made this evening special.

Simon Sebag Montefiore is one of my favorite authors in the historical genre.  The latest book that I haven’t read yet is a biography about Jerusalem. You start to wonder how it is possible to write a biography about a city, but that question Simon needs to answer himself.

Something he did in a conversation with a lady upfront who was in charge. In total it was a warm atmosphere inside the room. Simon was even more friendly than I’d thought. I do remember a sentence I overheard him say while I walked out: I never look good on photographs.

That might sum up his kind and humble personality.


Simon Sebag Montefiore tonight

Through the entire week my breakfast has come with a side dish. I’m not talking of food but a handyman or two. Yes, where I live the landlords are re-doing our bathrooms, hence I’ve had to eat with the drilling sound of tools.

It’s therefore quite a relief to have a moment of silence.

Half an hour ago I helped my sister with some important and urgent questions about Abraham Lincoln and The Emancipation Proclamation. As I’ve read pretty much through American politics from George Washington to George W. Bush this week it felt natural for me to help.

Later this Friday I’m going to attend a lecture with Simon Sebag Montefiore here in Göteborg. This lecture is held inside an English Church so I’m rather excited.

Mr. Montefiore his an author I really like and that I get to see him for free is quite the treat.  I’ll write about what I thought of him later.



Welcome to kjandersen

I love this day already. It’s a day that I’ve embraced with eager and enthusiasm.

That’s a great way to start off a new chapter of my life and a new blog. I like to believe in a glass half-filled.

There’s been so many wonderful events happening this week. But most importantly many life changing events. All of them in very positive ways.

I’ve experienced a few bumps getting to this point, and it’s now a delight that those bumps lead to somewhere I want to be.

But then I believe it is by obstacles you learn where you want to be.

To continue my blog will be a nice mixture of food and the things that lies closest to my heart.

As you can read in my about section I’m interested in a great amount of subjects.

Stay tuned for more to come


Kajsa Josephine Andersen